I just created a Google+ community for the church.  Anyone can request to join but they will have to be approved to join.  This will allow another place for people to contact each other and share testimonies or prayer requests.  Check it out here.

Brother Jeff

As you may have heard during the service on Sunday, Brother Jeff Kemper is home and recuperating after his fall.  He broke a few bones and will not be very mobile for a while.  You can visit  and log in using the last name Kemper and the password 7777,  this will allow you to arrange to have a meal delivered or to sign up to take something for Jeff, Lori and Sara.

Improved recordings

For many years we have recorded our services, both in video and audio.  Starting with cassettes and moving to a digital wav off our analog soundboard we have always made an attempt to share the anointed Word of God that is delivered in the service.  For a little over a year we have been recording using a handheld recorder.  In the last 2 months we have installed a new digital soundboard and have been working with it to get it right.  I am happy to say that this week’s service 11-24-13 was recorded straight from the soundboard digitally!  I hope you notice the difference and we will continue to work to provide the best quality recordings, whether you listen here at our site or on iTunes or even if you have a cd made.  Thank you and God bless!



I have made several updates to the site.  First off I think I fixed the issue that some people told me about not being able to listen to the sermons.

I also made the site more mobile friendly.  Those that look at the site on their iOS or Android phone should see a cleaner easier to use version.

Please let me know if you continue to experience problems via email to