I Caught A Thought Pt2

October 3, 2021
We need to hold onto the thoughts that uplift and encourage. We need to renew our minds through prayer, praise and studying the word. Continued from prior week's sermon.

God Has Better

September 12, 2021
God has better for you when you make Praise part of your life. We need to Praise God through all times, even when things are tough. Out praise can dictate…


August 30, 2021
We need to make sure that we have Praise in our lives. We need to make sure that we praise God in everything that we do, everywhere that we go,…

Praise Overcomes

August 15, 2021
When you begin to Praise God when fear sets into you mind, you will find that the fight is no longer yours. Your Praise sets up your victory, making it…

What is in you?

August 8, 2021
You have the Spirit within you when you make your confession of Faith. That Spirit allows you to have a close relationship with God. You need to focus on your…