God is Love and Love is God
August 9, 2015

God is Love and Love is God

Passage: Matthew 22:34-40

Love in today's world has been watered down into a feeling that 2 people share. But have you ever stopped to consider what it means to have God's love? When we look to the past we find that the ancient Greeks considered more than just the present worldly view of Love. They recognized 4 types of love; eros, agape, phileo, and storge. Its easy to have eros love for your partner, husband or wife; a love of attraction. Its easy to have the storge love for your family; the love oe has for a mother or father or child. Phileo love is even easy for us when we choose to draw close to good friends. But the Agape love is the love of God. Agape love is a love of choice, a choice to look past anything and everything and love anyways! God is that Love, and Jesus is our best example of Agape love that we can strive to copy in our lives.

  • Love has been distorted and watered down in the world.
  • We need to give God our all. We can not just give him part of us
  • Love is used so many different ways and has many meanings within the world
  • There are 4 types of love; eros- a love physical relationship between two people, storge- a love between family members, phileo- a love of friends, or a friendship, agape- the nature of God's love
  • God's love has no boundaries. He doesn't hold you past against you when you choose to come to Him.
  • Even though there are many instances showing God's wrath in the Bible, there are many more that show God's love
  • The Love of God is a love of choice.
  • Jesus was sent as a shepherd to show us the Love that is willing to come after us even though we get ourselves in trouble
  • Jesus had the ultimate show of Love, when he died for those he didn't know and even those that denied Him