God is My Supplier
July 12, 2015

God is My Supplier

Passage: Philippians 4:19

We all have bank accounts, but have you ever thought about the account you have with God. You need to make deposits into that account. Those deposits are our prayers, our obedience to the leading of the spirit. When God leads you don't ask why, instead follow and believe that he will not lead you astray and make the deposit. The account will grow and bear interest in the form of blessings and the supplying of your needs.

  • God is not here to condemn or put you down. God will only hold you back for your own good
  • Experience is the best teacher in your life
  • You should always make God a part of your life.
  • Your experiences with God are your testimonies to share with the world
  • There is no stronger testimony than your experiences. Allow God to show through in your experiences.
  • The Bible is full of examples showing God's power and love for his people. If he did it once He will do it again.
  • You have an account with Jesus. Its not an account of money, but an account of belief and actions. It’s the blessings that are accumulated.
  • God will bless you in all aspects of your lives, he will meet your needs when you are faithful
  • You can not let your account with God go stagnant. You must keep activity on that account.
  • We forget to give God that thanks for supplying our needs. We only want to thank Him for the "Big" things.
  • When you look to Jesus and place God first in your life, you will see your spiritual account grow.
  • Your blessings are always right there for you. The problem is we miss them because we don't always look for them.