Guard Your Faith
June 20, 2021

Guard Your Faith

Passage: Ephesians 3:20
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“ Guard Your Faith Diligently”

*Our hope is not determined by our surroundings or what we see, but instead by our faith in Christ for our future.

*Its easy to try and put faith in someone or something you can visibly see, but the only One that will never fail us or our hope is Christ Jesus. Only He will never let you down.

*Faith is trusting God even when everything around you tells you to give in. We must trust He is able and willing to answer our every prayer.

*When we have faith, there’s times where we will need to go forward even when it’s not pleasurable or satisfying to the comfortability of our flesh.

*When we stand firm in our faith in Christ, our faith will be rewarded. He is the rewarder of all who will diligently seek Him.

*Our faith must override every one of our senses, for God can do even the impossible and His faithfulness remains the same throughout every generation.

*We must remember that when we stand firm in our faith in Christ, our adversary will do anything he can and use anyone he can to try and deter us from our trust in the Lord.