September 20, 2015


Passage: Philippians 4:4-9

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! We end every service this way, proclaiming and rejoicing in God. But have you ever stopped to thing about your joy? When do you tend to lose your joy? We often time lose joy when things get tough, but that is when we should rejoice the most. God has already promised his people blessings. Time and time again he has proven this throughout history. Yet we find ourselves doubting, and worrying when times are tough. That is when we need to hit the reset! The need to RE-JOY, or rejoice in our Lord! That is when we need to focus on God and praise him the most and rejoice. Look inside when things are going rough and you WILL find that God has lived up to his promise, the problem is that we haven't made the effort to get the blessings!

  • People tend to only rejoice when things are smooth and all is well. Have you lost your rejoice? Do you need a reset?
  • When you have lost your joy, and your rejoice fails, look within because there you will find the root cause for your problem.
  • We should find joy in the Lord even in the rough times, not just when things seem to be going well
  • You shouldn't have to think about your rejoice as a Christian. It should just be part of your life
  • You need to let God be your routine. You shouldn’t be making sacrifices for your life with God it should be your routine
  • When you come to know Jesus as your savior, your life should not remain the same as it was, there should be a change
  • If you can learn to hold your peace and turn it over to God, you will see him work things out for you.
  • If you allow it to your complaining will steal your joy and your praise. Why then would you want to complain if it only makes your life miserable?
  • God doesn't fall short in his promises. We fall short when we choose to complain and doubt his power.
  • We limit ourselves to what we can do or can't do. But when God is in the picture you can do all things that you set your mind to do.
  • If you are not in the place you are supposed to be with God, you will find yourself back in a bondage
  • Joy, peace and everlasting life are already yours! All you need to is stand on the Faith that Jesus is your Savior!
  • God has already made the blessings of this life available, all you need to do is come to Him.
  • Until you actually begin to partake of the Word you can not expect to be able to witness to people
  • You need to feed your spiritual being just like you need to feed your physical being. Feed your spirit through study and prayer to keep your energy up.