Holy Jesus
November 15, 2015

Holy Jesus

Passage: 1 Peter 1:10-16

Holy- a word that is often thrown around in the word today. Have you ever stopped to consider what it actually means? Holy does not describe a place, or a thing, or anything material; it describes a state of mind. When you are Holy you have reached a state of mind where you allow your thoughts, words and actions to come from place that God dwells. It is ultimately living your life to be Christ like. Holy is the state of someone living their life by Jesus' example and keeping his commandments.

  • Even in the world today many people do not know the true meaning of the word Holy
  • Holy isn't a state of looking a certain way, it has to be an attitude that comes from within
  • Holy means a place in a relationship with God
  • In order to get to a Holy place you have prepare yourself for work.
  • You must work with a sober mind, a mind in its right place, to come to the rvelation of Jesus.
  • When you are in your Holy place you will not find the thoughts of the world
  • We are called to keep all our conversations as Christians Holy.
  • You shouldn't have to go to church to stand on Holy ground. Wherever you are if God is with you you are standing on Holy Ground.
  • You will find as your relationship with God dwindles, you need to return into your covenant with God to find your Holy place again.
  • Get back into your covenant with God in order to see the blessings of God
  • Jesus is your connection to heaven and God's blessings
  • We are tested daily, the question is will you pass the test or fail?
  • We will pass our daily test by showing God's love and being in our Holy place.
  • When you live your life with your Holy attitude you will stay in covenant with God.