I am a Child of God
June 28, 2015

I am a Child of God

Passage: Romans 8:14

You are a chosen Child of God. It is because of the sacrifice of Jesus that you have the authority to claim the promises of God. We have been chosen to be heirs to the promises that God made to Abraham. We need to keep our focus on Jesus and realize that we have the authority, but we need to work on our maturity.

  • • If God is in your house there you will find peace
  • • It wasn't until Jesus died and rose again that we could be considered Children of God
  • • When you are adopted through the blood of Jesus you are considered the same in God's eye
  • • You have been predestined to be a child of God, he chose to adopt you through the blood of Christ
  • • In the word of God adoption means to be legally born again to claim your inheritance
  • • You only had the right to your inheritance after your adoption by your family
  • • The newly adopted in Christ have the authority to be called heirs and joint-heirs with Christ
  • • You have the same power and authority that Jesus had when he walked upon the earth
  • • You may have the authority through Christ but you must also have the maturity to use that authority
  • • Its up to you to make the attempt to draw closer to God through Christ
  • • You have become a child of God through your faith in Jesus
  • • As soon as you take your focus off of Christ you will find yourself sinking
  • • Much like Peter, Jesus reached for him, but Peter had to make an effort and reach back
  • • God is there with his hand outstretched, waiting on you to make the effort and reach out to him
  • • God looks no differently at anyone based upon their past or outwardly appearance
  • • If you believe through Faith, and be of Christ, then you are of Abraham's seed