My Weapon Is Stronger
September 27, 2015

My Weapon Is Stronger

Passage: 1 John 4:1-21

God has included you into the promises of His chosen people through Christ Jesus. When the Jews rejected Jesus's message of love, He branched out and included everyone into the promises of God. You as a believer have a claim to God's promises and blessings through Jesus. Jesus's love is the ultimate weapon in any battle that you find yourself in!

  • What do you thank God for today? So many times we look past the smallest things and miss God's blessings daily.
  • Your strongest weapon in your spiritual arsenal is Jesus and His love.
  • You are not blessed and victorious because of anything you have done, its because your are part of God's children.
  • We have the tools through Jesus' name to be over comers in this life.
  • Our own choices in life make our lives difficult. When we call on any thing else other than Jesus that’s when we fall into difficult situations.
  • Jesus and the Father already know what you need. Why is it we don't seek help from them first?
  • You have been connected to the root of God, through Jesus.
  • Jesus came to the world looking for nothing from the world, all He came to do was give.
  • Sometimes people need to fall for other to come to God. We know not the actions or reasons.
  • You may fall from God, but you can come back to him.
  • Jesus came to preach love to the Jews. When they rejected him he preached to anyone who would listen.
  • What you are going through now may hurt, but through Jesus that pain will lessen.