Never Stop Fighting
June 6, 2021

Never Stop Fighting

Passage: Mark 2:1
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“Never Stop Fighting the Good Fight of Faith”
*We need to press on in prayer even when everything seems to be out of control. We must never stop seeking after the Lord’s hand in all things.

*We all have a wilderness we go through at times like Jesus, but He has also promised to make a way even in the wilderness that we find ourselves within.

*The enemy can try and put barriers between you and God, but as God gives you the power to break through those barriers, He is also strengthening you even more.

*Jesus is not just with you through all of your struggles in life, but He also knows exactly what you’re facing and He is able to sympathize with us and sustain us through it all.

*The enemy will still fight you even when you’re in prayer, but God has given us the authority over all of his attacks against us.

*The Lord will never tire of supplying us with His grace; how much more then should we not tire of seeking His grace in all trouble and affliction!

*The enemy will try and hinder your fellowship with God, but he can never separate you from the love of God for us in His Son Christ Jesus.