Positive In A Negative World Part 2
July 25, 2021

Positive In A Negative World Part 2

Passage: Romans 12:2
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“Being Positive in a Negative World ” (pt 2)

We must look to God for rest and encouragement and not others or we will remain discouraged and burdened down by this life.

We need to fill our minds with the things of God so that we do not have the same view on life as the world does.

We have been given the mind of Christ, but we must be sure we take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ that way we may be able to discern God’s will in our lives.

When we go through a trial, we should know God has allowed it and that He already has a plan for you concerning it.

If we give place to the devil, we might end up allowing him enough room to corrupt our walk in God, our faith, and our praise which will ultimately corrupt our worship.

Just as the Psalmist David operated through His faith in God, so are we to walk by our faith in Christ that we may see God’s hand of provision through all the negativity of this world.

God has given us the measure of faith that we may tear down fear through our faith in Him when it tries to rise up against us.