Stand Firm
April 18, 2021

Stand Firm

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Stand Firm and Follow

  • If we seek God above all things we have no need to be concerned of the things of this life.
  • God works all things together for our good, even when it may be a painful process at times.  He knows what is best for us all.
  • Just as God was with Job in all of his trials, He will also be with you and deliver you through all things.
  • There are weapons that will come against us, but all we need is to trust God and watch Him cause each one to fail.
  • God wants fellowship with us, but we must be sure to not turn from and grieve His Spirit.
  • When we keep God above all things in our life, we can know without a doubt that He will bless us and cause us to be prosperous.
  • If we are doubting the promises of God, we are really doubting God and His faithfulness.