Step by Step
May 31, 2015

Step by Step

Passage: Psalm 37:23-24

We need to take our lives one step at a time. God has made it possible for us to overcome anything we may face in life. We just need to take our walk for God Step by Step.

  • • The word shows us time and time again that we can overcome anything that comes against us
  • • The enemy doesn't care about the things that you have in life, he comes to take away those things that are in you that have been given to you by God.
  • • Even Jesus was tested through the temptation of the flesh.
  • • What determines a good man in the eyes of the Lord?
  • • God gives you the strength to make it in this world on a daily basis.
  • • God has given you the power to overcome but he also realizes that you will fall short at times, but he will still not forsake you
  • • No matter what you find yourself in, have faith and remember that God will uphold you
  • • God has your hand, you may trip and fall but He will not let you fall.
  • • If you are living to the best of your ability to follow God, there will be times of trouble which give God the opportunity to show his power.
  • • In order to become stronger in God you must go through things to overcome them.
  • • No matter what he faced, Job never let down on his faith. He never doubted that God had his hand and would sustain him and uplift him.
  • • Put God #1 in your life and never waver in your times of tribulation and he will bless you and keep you through it all
  • • We should be preparing for the coming of Christ, not preparing for the tribulation!
  • • God has given you your own will, but he won't hesitate to try you until you come to his will
  • • It didn't matter where God led him, Abraham set an altar up and praised God anyhow!
  • • If you can pray God's perfect will in the decisions in your life, you will find God showing you the correct path.