There are no limits to God’s Power
July 5, 2015

There are no limits to God’s Power

Passage: Isaiah 55:8-11

Often times Christians find themselves in situations that they had been in before. It is the weaknesses that the enemy uses to keep us from realizing God's power. The power is in the Word of God and we can only access that power through study and prayer. You must know how to use the tools that God has given you or they are useless. The only limits that God has are ones that we place on Him. The same God that parted the Red Sea, that caused the walls of Jericho to fall, and raised Lazarus, is the same God today. The Bible is full of examples of God's power, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with God .

  • If you find that God has limits, it is because you are placing those limits on Him
  • Your relationship with God has to be a personal relationship. You can not rely on someone else's relationship with God
  • There is power in the spoken word of God.
  • We are living in a time with false prophets, in a time that people are yielding to false teaching
  • Until you get into the Word of God and put it into action, it is nothing more than a book
  • God will judge and separate those that falsely teach.
  • God's word must be like fire. Fire can be used to harden clay and make it useful, it will purify gold, and destroy refuse. Let it work like that within your life.
  • God will give you favor in places that you have no business finding favor.
  • Everything that occurs, needs to occur to fulfill the Word of God
  • God will take care of anything that is trying to come against you
  • God's word can be like a hammer, it has the power to both create and destroy.
  • You have access to the power of God that comes from his Word