There is Peace in My Father’s house
June 21, 2015

There is Peace in My Father’s house

Passage: John 14:2

When you choose to live in God's house you will find peace. It is the promises and presence of God that can overcome any issue and help give you a calm and peace knowing that nothing is impossible for Him!

  • • Fatherhood is more than creating a child, it is being an example for that child.
  • • Jesus has prepared a home in heaven for each and every believer. There is Peace in my Father's House
  • • Jesus made the difference for all of those that are willing to believe. He continues to serve this purpose even today
  • • Everyone needs to make their own way, and claim the promise of Jesus for themselves
  • • The desire for the presence of God has dwindled so much, even though in that presence you will find your Father's Home
  • • When you are going through something in your life, dwell in God's house to find your peace
  • • You have to be an example, live for God and chose to serve him and you will be that example.
  • • God has a vision and purpose for each and every one of his children
  • • In order to stand upon the Word of God you must first understand that Word and realize that is means that nothing is impossible
  • • A Father's love is a love of forgiveness. God will not condemn you but he will forgive you
  • • Jesus has already paid the price for your sins, that heavenly love insures you the grace of your Father
  • • The shepherd will reach out for the one that was lost and rejoiced in finding him, God will do the same for you
  • • Often people will choose the path or things that are pleasing to the fleshly eyes. But when you follow God he can bless you in any situation
  • • Because of Jesus, anyone can claim the promises that God made to Abraham
  • • Jesus will always see you and recognize you no matter the situation you find yourself in
  • • It takes more than just knowing the Word, it takes living according to the Word