July 19, 2015


Passage: Proverbs 3:5

Unfortunately the message did not record properly this week, but here are the notes from the service.

Trust is nothing more than a display of faith. Trust is the act of having faith without question in someone or something. God deserves to have our trust. The Bible is full of examples of this. God will always be there for you just as he was for Moses, Joshua, David, and any other example.

  • We shouldn't trust man more than we trust God. Man will eventually let you down but God will never let you down
  • People will place more trust into money or other people than they will in God.
  • It is often times for us to believe and trust God for others than it is to trust in Him for ourselves
  • Don't look towards Jesus as a last resort. He should be your first and only choice.
  • If you want God to work for you you need to follow his instructions.
  • God's spoken word has power. Trust in God to deliver that power through you.
  • When we don't see results right away, that is when your faith and trust are tested the most.
  • People will look to things of man (banks, jobs, money, people) before they look unto God.
  • Put your whole trust in God and you will begin to see God move more in your life.
  • Don't allow doubt to enter into your mind. The enemy uses doubt to take your faith off of God and will cause you to lose trust in Him.
  • God will allow you to exceed man's comprehension when you place your whole trust in Him
  • It is easier to accept what God has in store for others. It should be just as easy for us to believe that for ourselves.