Until You Take A Step
June 7, 2015

Until You Take A Step

Passage: Joshua 3:11-17

We need to take that step of faith before God will begin to work in our lives. He has given you the power and the ability to overcome but until you take that first step, nothing is going to happen.

  • • Don't focus on your obstacles, focus on your faith
  • • Sometimes you are going to find yourself in front of a Jordan
  • • Talk comes easy when you are up on the mountain, its when you are in the valley you face your test
  • • Your faith isn't tested when you are around like minded people. Its when you are alone in front of your challenge that it is tested
  • • You need to start moving in the direction of your promise to realize that promise
  • • You can sit and talk about faith all day long, it is when you believe and seek it out that obtain your blessings
  • • Joshua had the priests carry the Ark to the Jordan in the midst of the flood, it was this faith that God honored
  • • Fear comes into your heart when you are ready to step in and make a change
  • • Your happiness will not make everyone else happy. You still need to step through the fear and get what God has for you
  • • God is an on-time-God and he will be there for you when you make your leap of faith.
  • • You will never find what you are looking for until you actually make an effort to look
  • • You have to show up! Belief and prayer are all talk until you actually show up!
  • • God is already there, he isn't going to make it happen until you show up.
  • • You have to put your faith to work to realize the promises God has for you
  • • Until you step into your Jordan you will never see God's promises
  • • You need to show up with the right attitude and your heart in the right place to take possession of your blessing
  • • With the right attitude and your belief, when you are willing to step out you will find your blessings
  • • When things don't happen when you think they should, you should not check God, instead check yourself