Walk don’t run
May 8, 2016

Walk don’t run


We find ourselves in trouble when we find ourselves running. We run away from situations that God is placing us in, or we run to try to get more from God when we should be walking. We need to realize that when we walk for God we have less of a chance to trip.
• Your witness is when you are going through Hell that you know Someone is there with you
• If God already knows what you need, then why do we ask of God in our times of need?
• When you get bruised from a battle it is usually when you are running not walking
• Prospering is not "getting your way"
• The only delay to God's timing is your ego.
• When you learn to walk and not run, God will reveal himself.
• A healing is when someone else needs understanding, a miracle is when You are just ready to move on
• Have you ever been through something and wonder where God went? It wasn't Him that left.
• God will never tempt you to not hear His word
• Why would you tell someone with no authority to fix it your problem instead of letting God take care of it?
• DO you see what you are going through as a battle or a journey?
• If you are still confessing your sins in a struggle you are not hearing the Voice of God