Walk the Walk
November 1, 2015

Walk the Walk

Passage: 1 John 1:1-8

In our walk with God we should let our testimony be our walk. This is about how you conduct your live – not how many shoes you wear out. We also need to do what we speak. In other words, our words alone have no meaning, we have to live (walk) the way we talk.

1 John 1:1-8

We can see that the word of God is winding up.

If you can’t live the word of God you are going to hell.

If you want to be blessed you have to walk and live a life of God

1 John 4:7-19

We have to send out the love before it can come back to us.

Walking the walk – we have to ignore worldly feelings and follow God’s will.

James 1:19

When you put the needs of others first the blessings will be poured out onto you. It’s also important to listen more than you speak – we have two ears an only one mouth.

We still live according to the law, but we do that through belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit He left with us. Jesus was the final sacrifice, we no longer have to perform sacrifice.

We have to be a witness for Jesus no matter what we are going through – walk the walk.

We tend to look at everyone else’s life before we look at our own; picking out their mistakes and short comings. However, we need to look closer at ourselves. When we see our own imperfections Jesus can fix them.

When someone looks at you do they see Jesus?

This isn’t about evangelizing – it’s based on actions that demonstrate a positive, bible centric, worldview.

I am not the victim, I’m the victor through Jesus.

We all study the same word, but some go in different areas of that study. Jesus paid the tuition for us to study. We just need to get in and find our place – walk in it – talk in it – live in it.

We all have a position in God.

A doer of the work will be blessed in what he does, but only what you do for Christ will last. In addition, we can’t just be Sunday morning Christians. If you are one you might as well quit because you are nothing more than a hypocrite.

You can never be satisfied in the spirit and we can always go greater in God. We have work to do while we’re here.

Col 3:5-17

The walk we walk is a walk of faith. It’s like walking across a rope bridge high above a canyon in the pitch black of night. When we have faith Jesus will help us get to the other side.

During the time of Paul names had meaning:

Saul – pray for him
Paul - Meekness
When Saul change to Paul we could see a big change in his life. Prior to the change he was identified with Rome and persecution against the followers of Jesus. After the change he was identified with the teachings of Jesus and he walked the walk that he talked. We should all be identified by our walk – not just our talk.