We are Faithing
August 16, 2015

We are Faithing

Passage: John 6:35

Faith is not just talk. Without putting action to it all you really have are words. Allow yourself to step out and test your faith. Jesus's faith in his mission led him to full fill God's plan. His Faith allowed for you to have claim to the blessings of God. We shouldn't talk about faith, we should show people our faith through our actions.

  • Are you willing to follow the instructions that will sustain not only you but sustain also those that you come into contact with.
  • When you are living a faithful walk you need not worry for those things that are tangible in your life
  • You can say you have faith, but until you put action to it you never truly know if you have faith
  • God is not a one portion God. God will give you all you need to quench your hunger to serve him.
  • Don't worry about the things of this life, have faith and put action to your beliefs and watch God bless you
  • When you were saved there wasn’t a physical change in your life but the spiritual change is one that should affect your actions
  • We can talk about faith all we want but until you put action to it all you have are empty words.
  • We all have Faith, but it is the amount of usage that is different amongst people.