What is on your mind?
August 2, 2015

What is on your mind?

Passage: Philippians 2:1-11

What do you want? Have you ever stopped to think that what you want may be holding you back? Often times we allow worldly things to come between us and God. When we get a mindset like Christ, and place God first you will find things moving more to your favor. Gad has your best interests, and will take care of your needs just as he tends to the needs of the fowls of the air and the lilies in the fields.

  • God is like a spring that also brings forth nourishment
  • The fleshly mind is one of negativity, the mind of Christ is a positive mind
  • When you are thinking of fleshly things they are usually useless
  • Jesus never thought that he was above anyone else. He humbled himself even to the point of a servant.
  • People allow names, or history, or denomintions to place false barriers between us. We need to celebrate our mutual love for God
  • You are somebody in the eyes of God
  • You need to stop trying to tell God what we want and start focusing on what he wants
  • What causes you more anxiety, the things in your spiritual life or the things in your fleshly life?
  • When you stop praying for your will and start praying for God's will, things will begin working in your favor anyway.
  • Anything that you put before God can be an idol, this will cause you to fall out of favor with God.