What is your treasure?
August 23, 2015

What is your treasure?

Passage: Luke 12:1-59

Where is your heart? What do you focus on and hold most dear in your life? Jesus teaches in Luke 12 that we need to focus our our heavenly goals first. When we focus on the heavenly parts and our walk with God first in our lives he will make sure we have all we need and more in our worldly lives.

  • Remember that we are not on this earth to lay up treasures for ourselves in this life. Our souls require more than what this world has to offer
  • Anxiety comes when you don't get what you want. But consider that God will provide what you need and bless you.
  • Take time to consider what your focus is on this life. Do you focus on earthly concerns or your eternal concerns
  • Is God in your life? Is God your life? If you can say yes then what do you really have to worry about?
  • Your outward appearance can change but it doesn't change you.To truly change you need to change you need God in your life to change your attitude
  • The important part of you is the part that is influenced by God.
  • Your attitude will ultimately be the window to your soul that others will see.
  • God knows what you need and will provide what you need without asking for it.
  • When we look first to God and draw closer to him, He will insure that you have what you need AND more.
  • What do you treasure the most? Be careful to not place your desires in the wrong things.
  • Take time to prepare yourself daily to get in the proper place. Prepare daily to focus on the Kingdom of God and not worry about the things of the earth.
  • Are you ready to run the race? Are you ready for your daily battle? Is your light burning to show you are ready for Jesus to return?